What are your quality standards?


Chapter Customizer designs and creates new, innovative war game hobby accessories, including self-adhesive vinyl airbrush stencils, water-slide decals, terrain, and LED kits.  All of our products are made in house, design through production.  All our products have been tested for their quality, durability, and ease of use.

Custom stencils and decals can also be created for tabletop games, mechs, anime - we support all hobbies and hobbyists through design services via our sister-site Fallout Hobbies: https://www.fallouthobbies.com/pages/custom-design

Our stencil and decal production facilities are available for:

  • Custom stencils and decals – from your artwork, or we can provide it for you (at additional cost)
  • Standard stencils and decals – a range of popular decals held in stock
  • OEM decals – for model manufacturers
  • Retail decals – decals produced for a particular retailer
May 2, 2021